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“No price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning oneself.” Friedrich Nietzsche.

ABOUT ME: On 14 February 2013, I finally hang up my boots; resigning from my professional senior management position in a City of London bank, to became a full time Work From Home Mom. Yes, a Valentine Gift to remember.

This had been my dream for years and years. It has taken a lot of effort, a lot of support from family, friends and my mentors, as well as sheer persistence – but despite which, there were pitfalls and mistakes that almost made me stop pursuing my dream. But I was steadfast and held on to my chosen Path, and BEHOLD . . . the Taste of Success!!! I now OWN MY LIFE!

HOW DID I DO IT? Riding a bike is not a bad analogy to the Path to Success. Like Maxwell Maltz says in his book Psycho-Cybernetics, in riding a bike, you can only keep your equilibrium and poise when you are moving forward. And if you’ve got a good head of steam, you could even fly on a bicycle

. . . but if you move slowly and tentatively, a bike is wobbly and even dangerous! If you too share the dream of Owning Your Life, then I implore you to embrace tried and tested Paths to Success: Self Belief, Dreaming Big, Partnering with the Best Mentors AND the Best Companies – and above all Moving Forward despite the bumps and obstacles. Keep Calm and Ride Your Bike  – Keep at it until you are in full flight.

“Take responsibility for your life. It is the ONLY thing you CAN take responsibility for.” Kelly Rudolf.

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WHAT NEXT? In the course of my Path to Success, I have come across certain Next Generation Opportunities on the internet that truly offer a Fast Track Path to Financial Freedom.  Now that I am my Own Boss, I can choose what I want to do with my life.

I have chosen that in 2018 and beyond, I will share the Knowledge and Skills I have accumulated these last few years, to coach and mentor those who are committed to begin pursuing their own Paths to Success doing business with exactly the same Successful businesses and systems that have made achieve my Success.

If there is one thing my multi-millionaire mentor has taught me, it is that the most certain way of succeeding in anything is to pick a highly successful mentor, and copy what they do precisely the way they do it.
So, are you . . .

  • looking for a part-time or full time income online whilst working from home?
  • a stay at home mom or dad and want to make an income from home while spending time with your family?
  • in full time employment but want to supplement your income from a part-time hobby or business?

Then you too, like me, can Achieve It. I answered YES to each of these questions myself at some time or other too. So lets get cracking . . .

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Yours In Complete Success

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